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Rruga Kajo Karafili, Nr.10/1/17
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Risk&Audit Consulting has invited Fraud and Compliance Analysts, Risk Managers, Internal Auditors of major banks in Albania such as Raiffeisen Bank, Credins Bank, Tirana Bank, Intesa San Paolo Bank, BKT, and SIGMA insurance company to attend the training course “USING DATA ANALYTICS TO FIND FRAUD” taken place on 12th-13th June 2019, in Tirana. This course…
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Risk & Audit Consulting has invited Director Internal Audit, Audit Committee Members, Senior Risk Managers, and Managers of other Assurance Functions (Legal, Compliance, Health and Safety) of BALFIN GROUP, GENER 2, RAIFFEISEN BANK, SIGMA VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP, EUROSIG, INSIG, DEVEOLL HYDROPOWER-STATKRAFT, S&T ALBANIA, NOA, to the Chief Internal Auditors’ Symposium that has taken place on…
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The purpose of the evaluation was to: Assess the relevance and the added value of the program; the extent to which the program has been able to achieve its stated objectives; to provide recommendations on how to improve the institutional relevance and the achievement of results, increase stakeholders’ satisfaction and optimize the use of available sources in the future; to enhance…
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Work Time: October 2017 – December 2017 Deliver Trainings on Management Complaints for Anti Corruption Units within Public Health Directorates in Albania

Work time: July 2017 – November 2017 Designing an Integrated Marketing Communication Platform, and respective Financial Budget for three Years (2018-2020).

Scope of work: Provide an independent assessment of the results and effectiveness of the three Local Solutions and respective projects aimed to better understand the results and processes behind the implementation of the projects, and help improve them; Provide an independent assessment on what is being achieved, project wise and organizationally; State relevant management financial…
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The overall objective of this evaluation is the enhanced accountability of UNFPA and Country Office for the relevance and performance of the country programme. Provide an independent assessment of the progress of the UNFPA programme toward the expected outputs and outcomes set forth in the results framework of the country programme, as well as its…
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Writing Proposal and preparing Business Plan to absorb EU funds.

Writing Proposal and preparing Business Plan to absorb EU funds.

Assessing internal policies and procedures in compliance with regulators’ requirements.


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The Risk&Audit is an Albanian consulting firm on governance, risk and controls issues. We partner with international consultants to advise clients from the private and public sector in Region to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and improve their governance arrangements.


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